Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Can you guess which picture above is mine and which one is the original? Yeah, I can too. I am very upset with myself for how I screwed up this recipe. I am notorious for never getting a recipe right on the first try, the guilt and self loathing never goes away either. Sigh. Ok, this recipe could have been phenomenal, and super easy I might add. But I got ahead of myself and thought I would rush it instead of doing it right. First of all, the recipe calls for double the amount of filling, but I used half per the comments from the woman who posted the recipe. She explained that it was too much filling. WHY did I listen to this woman? There is no such thing as too much cream cheese filling! Lesson number one learned, moving along. My next mistake was making them and then refrigerating them overnight, big mistake--HUGE! Of course refrigerating it dried out the crust. The glaze was also too much, I should have halved that. So for any of you wanting to give this recipe a shot, and you really should because even my ruined disaster was still quite good, go ahead but follow these tips: use the suggested amount of filling, half the glaze recipe, and DO NOT REFRIGERATE! I will be buying the ingredients this week to make up for my blunder. 

Shammy Says "Don't mess with my cheese"

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