Saturday, December 17, 2011

Put Up Your Duke's

The Smoked Turkey Club with Peach Aioli--FABULOUS

I had never heard of Duke's Southern Kitchen when my friend Fawna recommended it for dinner one evening. I have yet to dislike anything that she has recommended so I didn't ask questions. The first thing I noticed when we walked in was the enormous height of the ceilings and the chill atmosphere, I immediately loved it. As I was perusing the menu trying to find the perfect thing to order Fawna suggested the Smoked Turkey Club, among other items that she had tried. I was in the mood for a sandwich so that's what I went with. I remember wanting french fries badly but Fawna vehemently insisted that I get the side of the homemade crispy potato chips. I wasn't as enthused about those as I was the fries, but I took her advice. When my food arrived, I could do nothing but stare at it for a few moments, and then of course snap a picture for you all to see;) We ate there about a month or so ago and I am STILL in awe of how delicious the food was. The Smoked Turkey Club was the best sandwich I have ever had, with the peach aioli as the star of the show. I believe it was the secret ingredient, along with the bacon and avocado. The chips were phenomenal and I will definitely order them when I return, which will be very soon. If you have never heard of this place then I suggest you check it out!

Shammy Says "If I had three thumbs I would give Duke's three thumbs up"

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