Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is the picture from the original post, I have NO clue how they got them that fluffy.
My picture looks nothing like the picture above from the original post, but they tasted so delicious I that I really don't care.

Pancakes pancakes pancakes, where do I begin to describe my love for pancakes? We have pancakes for dinner on a normal basis, and we have them for breakfast on a more than normal basis. I have perfected the art of making the perfect pancake, or so I thought. This recipe is the absolute best pancake recipe I have come across. The only thing is that mine did not turn out fluffy at all, in fact they were quite limp. It may have been because I use Almond Milk instead of cow's milk, but like I said the taste is so yummy that I chose to disregard that small detail. When I saw sugar, melted butter, and white vinegar in the ingredients list, I was more than intrigued. Don't be alarmed about the vinegar, it is intended to curdle the milk(i.e. buttermilk,) so that it creates that delicious flavor of--BUTTERMILK PANCAKES. It really is the secret weapon in this recipe and it is going to be hard for me to rely on my Krusteaz mix from now on, which is damn good but not as good as these. The taste is creamy, rich, sweet and very cake-y, if that is even a word. Next time I make these I will try it with cow's milk to see if that gets me the fluffiness that I am longing for. Until then, ENJOY!

Best Pancakes Ever Recipe

Shammy Says "Batter up!"

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