Monday, July 4, 2011

Definition of DELICIOUS


"Something Chocolate" was "Everything and More"
"Off the menu" Buffalo Shrimp with Chipotle Bleu Cheese dressing

Where do I begin? It is hard for me to blog about places that are this good because I find myself at a loss for words to describe it. I had been hearing from many friends how good Red Rock Canyon Grill was, so I knew it was time to try it. It was one of the best places I have ever eaten, and that is saying a lot coming from me. When the waitress was telling us about their "off menu" specialty items, I heard the words "buffalo shrimp" and about jumped across the table in excitement. I could barely sit still. I could taste it as I ordered it, trying to hold back the desire to order two of them. This was the best buffalo shrimp I have EVER had. The shrimp was very fresh and the buffalo sauce was different than any other I have had, in a good way. The Chipotle Bleu Cheese dressing was so good I ended up eating it with my spoon when the shrimp was gone, and no I am not joking. Josh and I ordered the Cluck and Moo, per recommendation from everyone I know. The Cluck and Moo consists of Rotisserie chicken and beef tenderloin, served with redskin mashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrots. All of it was more than delicious, the mashed potatoes being the best I have had. The chicken was the moist, tender and seasoned perfectly. Then we ordered dessert. I have made it abundantly clear that I am NOT a dessert person. That is, unless it is unbelievably scrumptious. We ordered the Something Chocolate and the House Made Key Lime Pie. Key Lime Pie is my all time favorite dessert, whenever I eat dessert. This Key Lime Pie was smooth and creamy and the crust was phenomenal. The Something Chocolate was the best chocolate dessert I have had yet, not to sound redundant. All of it was amazing and I can't wait to go back and try more!

Shammy Says "Red Rock ROCKS"

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