Saturday, September 24, 2011

Five Stars and a Second Post!

My beloved SunRise Tacos

Alright, I have blogged about Broken Egg Cafe once already, but I figured any place this good deserves a second post, on a different menu item of course. I get the SunRise Tacos most of the time because, well, go try them and you will understand why. If you can't already tell from the picture, it is the most delicious breakfast ever. Sausage, eggs, cheese, and tomatoes in a flour tortilla topped with a generous dollop of sour cream, with hash browns on the side. We have eaten here too many times to count and I have yet to have a bad experience. The food is always freshly cooked, AND they have a drive-thru! You have to call your order ahead but the fact that they have a pickup window is truly amazing. If you are anything like us and you live in your pajamas on Sundays, then Broken Egg is the place for you, and they are open until 2:00pm for you extra lazy people :)

Broken Egg Cafe Website

Shammy Says "Now I'm hungry"

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