Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Holy Grail of Spaghetti


Delicious. Creamy. Crunchy. Cheesy. These are a few words that describe this pan of perfection. I simply can't put into words my love for creamy casseroles involving noodles. This is a spaghetti casserole and it is one of the best dishes I have ever made. It is noodles, meat sauce, a cream cheese mixture, parmesan cheese, and french fried onions. My husband and I both licked our plates clean. I used whole wheat noodles, extra lean ground beef, Ragu, 1/3 fat free cream cheese, and fresh grated parmesan. It isn't as fattening as it tastes, I promise. The only mistake I made was pouring the french fried onions on before I finished reading the directions. You are supposed to bake it first for twenty-five minutes and then put them on for the last five minutes of baking. Don't make my mistake, unless you want to spend an extra ten minutes picking out each onion. That and the fact that if they cook too long, they can break a tooth. In conclusion, I declare this recipe one of my top five favorite recipes, and that is a very big deal. You have to be creme de la creme to make that list. Congratulations Baked Spaghetti, you passed the Shammy test with flying colors.

Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Shammy Says "Make this yesterday"

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