Thursday, September 1, 2011


They LOOK scrumptious, unfortunately they were not.

I really dislike when this happens; a recipe looks and sounds amazing, but after all your hard work it falls flat in the taste department. With a title like "Glazed Donut Muffins" you would think that this recipe would be a no brainer. If you thought this, like me, you were wrong. As these were baking, they smelled just like a glazed donut, I was even tempted to stick my head in the oven and try one as they were baking, that's how good they smelled. Once they were glazed, I dove in for a hot one. No fireworks, no taste explosion, nothing. If I could describe them in a few words, I would say they were thick, heavy, and too nutmeg-y. Don't waste your time on this recipe if you were thinking of trying it, but I will tell you to try the Peach and White Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe that I blogged about a few weeks ago. THOSE were amazing. They have fruit and chocolate in the batter, which undoubtedly makes them creamier and less dry on the inside after being baked. They were wonderful, and these were NOT.

Shammy Says "I'm disappointed that a recipe containing the words 'donut' and 'glazed' could be such a let down"

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