Monday, August 22, 2011

Taste Explosion!

I discovered this recipe a few weeks ago on Pinterest. I can feel your shock and amazement. It is a Pioneer Woman recipe, so I was expecting nothing less than fireworks. This Taco Pizza recipe is very similar to an Indian Taco, which I have been wanting to attempt for a while now, instead of waiting on October to roll around when I heave on over to the fair and eat five in one night. One pesky detail that I was NOT excited about doing was having to make my own pizza dough. I used to make homemade bread with my grandma and it was such a fun experience but that was when I was a kid, and I didn't have a two-year old nipping at my ankles, and my grandma let me throw flour all over the kitchen floor. I saw that this recipe required two hours of preparation, and twelve minutes of cook time. Two hours of prep, are you kidding me? The only meal that I put that much time and effort into involves driving to Glenpool for sausage rolls and donuts. Alas, I threw caution to the wind and decided that I was going to give it a shot. With the help of my mother on how to get the dough to rise, it turned out perfectly. Now keep in mind that I had to spend about three hours prepping instead of just two, because my husband wouldn't touch black beans, cilantro, or any of the other delicious toppings with a ten foot pole. So I followed the recipe for half of the pizza, and the other half was dough, taco meat and lots of cheese, just how Pooh Bear likes it. My side was black beans with some taco seasoning, cooked to the consistency of refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, green leaf lettuce, and sour cream/buffalo sauce. How have I not thought to marry the two main staples of my diet until coming across this recipe?? I was a little disappointed in myself to say the least. Sour cream plus Frank's equals the most delicious topping for any dish. Of course I doubled the amount that was listed in the recipe, it only made it more phenomenal. You should do it too. This is one of those dishes that you simply cannot have just one serving. I had three and it was worth every last bite. As I was wiping the sour cream from my face I was like a kid on Christmas morning, nearly bursting with excitement to tell all my friends of this recipe as if I had just won the lottery. One last thing I love about this recipe is that you have big breaks in between prepping for cleaning dishes. I hate recipes that leave you with what seems like every dish you own on top of the stove, who wants to tackle that after eating? Not me. This recipe made it easy to clean as I cooked, leaving me with only the plates and a baking sheet to clean when we finished eating. There, my novel is complete. Best recipe ever!

Shammy Says "Words can't express the pure joy I feel when finding a recipe like this"

Homemade tortilla strips--surprisingly easy!

Just one more slab

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