Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Think, Just Eat

Too good to be true

I am not going to muck up this post with a bunch of words. To put it simply, ever since I posted this picture on Facebook I received over fifteen requests for the recipe, so that is why I am blogging these cookies. To keep it short and sweet, I don't eat chocolate chip cookies, they simply don't tempt me and never have. Until now. I saw a picture of these on Pinterest and they looked so gooey, chocolatey and delicious. Folks, they are so much more than that. These cookies changed my very existence. I plan on making a huge batch just to have around the house when I want a little nosh, when the cold weather kicks in of course. Wonderful, delicious, amazing and tantalizing are just a few words that come to mind when I think of these cookies. Oh yeah it was also voted the New York Times best chocolate chip cookie recipe, if that validates my opinion any more.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Shammy Says "TOO GOOD"

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