Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm happy

Alright I don't know if I just get too excited or if I'm a complete space cadet but EVERY time I try out a new recipe I make at least one mistake. This recipe was more like five or six mistakes, and they STILL turned out phenomenal if that tells you anything. I have stayed up late salivating over this recipe on Pinterest for months now and finally decided to make it. They were simple and the ingredients were fairly cheap, which makes this a perfect weeknight recipe for when you really aren't in the mood to cook. Now I am going to list the mistakes I made, so that you don't make them and then I will list what I am going to change for next time. First off, the recipe called for rice along with some seasonings. Anyone who knows me knows that I have zero common sense, although I'm starting to think it is delayed common sense, because I always seem to figure it out AS I'm dumping the wrong ingredients in the bowl. For some reason I bought a bag of mexican rice, which is already heavily seasoned, then proceeded to dump all my seasonings on top. Like I said, as soon as the seasonings were on the rice was when I realized I should have just cooked plain brown rice and added the seasonings to it. Classic Caroline, nothing new to see here. The next mistake I made was buying my cilantro a week before I made the recipe, so when I opened up the bag it went straight to the trash can. I feel the cilantro would have made this recipe about 53% yummier than it turned out to be, so next time I will not make that dreadful mistake. Next mistake was using black beans, which the recipe called for but my husband HATES black beans and I actually agree with him that this particular recipe would be better without them, so next time I'm ditching the frijoles negros. Mistake number four and probably the most critical one--I had no salsa to go with them. Salsa would have made these the best burritos that have ever crossed my lips. So I am going to the store tomorrow to get some to have for our leftovers. After all of this, I wasn't expecting them to be very good but I was SHOCKED at how yummy they were. My husband LOVED them, despite the beans fiasco. The burrito was crispy and light, and inside was creamy and tasty. Next time I make these I will definitely use the cilantro, add lettuce, skip the beans, make brown rice and season it and make sure my fridge is stocked with Picante sauce. Oh and I added sour cream to my burrito...DUH.

Crispy Southwestern Chicken Wraps Recipe

Shammy Says "Not a total Betty but a vast improvement"

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