Friday, May 13, 2011

Delicious Daredevil

Mexican Daredevil Wrap

Camille's is a place I rarely visit, given the fact that most of their menu consists of salads, wraps, etc. I happen to love their chips and salsa though, so occasionally I will stop by there for that, and end up ordering something to go along with it. My friend Fawna was coming by for lunch yesterday and mentioned that she was craving a "Mexican Daredevil Wrap" from Camille's, so she said she would get us both one. I just remember hearing the word "mexican" and assuming it would be good. By the time I had finished demolishing it I was wishing that I had 3 more. This was by far the best thing I have ever had from Camille's, and I wasn't surprised because Fawna always knows what I like and has a great taste for good AND healthful food. The Mexican Daredevil Wrap is a jalapeno-cheddar tortilla filled with grilled chicken breast, black beans, red onions, pepper-jack, cilantro, roasted poblano dressing, and Daredevil BBQ sauce. It was warm, cheesy, creamy, and the sauce was the perfect compliment to all of the other ingredients. It was beyond yummy!

Shammy Says "Delicious Little Devil"

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