Monday, May 9, 2011

The "Place" To Be

THE Chicken Sandwich

I was referred to "Steven's Place" by my friend Steve Allen, who owns and operates RADcab Pedicabs. Steve Allen works primarily downtown giving people rides in his pedicabs, so I trust his judgement on where to find the most delicious food. "Steven's Place" is a street vendor whom you can find downtown in the Blue Dome District. I happened to be downtown the other night with my sister so I insisted on stopping. I wanted to order the chicken tacos, but decided to take the advice of my friend and order the sandwich. The chicken was super moist, and the sandwich had coleslaw on it(my favorite addition to any sandwich). It also had a special cantaloupe sauce that was clearly the secret ingredient. This sandwich was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try more things from here. Steven offers a seasonal menu, catering and events, delivery, private cooking classes and cooking parties. To contact Steven, you can give him a call at (918)829-8046 or "like" him on Facebook at Steven's Place!

Shammy Says "Steven knows what he's doing"

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