Friday, April 1, 2011

Best. Blue. Cheese. Ever.

"The Ultimate" is right
I have been a longtime and loyal fan of "Marie's" blue cheese and have yet felt the need to switch brands, until now. I was at Reasor's the other day and they did not have any of "Marie's" so I was hesitant to buy any at all, because if you get the wrong blue cheese, it can be devastating. So I took a leap of faith and grabbed this bottle by "Marzetti", and OH MY GOODNESS is it delicious. Normally I find that even if you buy one that reads "extreme blue cheese" or "ultimate blue cheese" it still tends to be a little runny with not enough chunks of blue cheese. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to write an entire post just about blue cheese but I felt it necessary. So for all you blue cheese lovers out there, this is a must try!!

Shammy Says "I could eat this with a spoon"

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