Friday, April 1, 2011

A Staple of My Diet...

Chili's best menu item

If someone were to ask me what I would eat for the rest of my life if I had to choose one thing, the answer would be "chips and dip". I have been making meals out of chips and dip for as long as I can remember. I use to beg my mom to let me eat "cheesy chips"(nacho cheese Doritos) and sour cream for dinner, and being the good mother that she was, she laughed at me and put vegetables on my plate. As soon as I flew the nest, I was free to eat chips and dip as much as I wanted, making it my dinner, lunch, and sometimes even my breakfast. Along with Doritos and sour cream, Tostitos and queso/guacamole, Chili's chips/salsa/ranch is one of my absolute favorite combinations of chips and dip. I was out to lunch with my sister one day, and she ordered a side of ranch with our chips and salsa. I thought she was crazy, I thought maybe she meant to ask for sour cream. But when it got to the table, it wasn't long before it was gone. I was hooked, and now I don't like to eat chips and salsa without the ranch, at least from Chili's. They have perfected their ranch, and their salsa as well. I was going to say, without sounding redundant, that I could make a meal out of it ;)

Shammy Says "You can't just eat one basket"

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