Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take me back to the Old School

I had to take a bite before I took the picture...

Why are good bagels so hard to find? The majority of bagels in Tulsa are hard as rocks and as chewy as bubblegum. Gross. Panera bread is notorious for these types of bagels, not ONCE have I had a decent bagel from them, which brings me to my A-student, Old School Bagel. Ahhh Old School Bagel, reminiscent of New York Bagel from back in the day when I was in high school. My mom used to get bagels every week and we would have them every morning for breakfast, and sometimes again as an after-school snack. As I mentioned before, you can't get a soft bagel from Panera on a good day, however Old School Bagel offers warm, soft bagels every time with no exceptions. They have delicious bagels, many different sandwich options and a variety of cream cheeses to choose from. My personal favorite is either the Wall Street, or an Everything bagel, toasted with Honey Almond cream cheese. I could eat there every morning for breakfast if only I lived closer. If you haven't been to Old School Bagel yet, I insist you go and try it. You will never go anywhere else, at least for bagels. 

Shammy Says "Doughnut-shaped bread with cream cheese, what's not to love?"

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