Friday, April 1, 2011

"Haruno"--meaning "DELICIOUS"

Stone Hinge
Green Monster

I heard about Haruno from a girl named Caroline Cohen a few weeks ago. I was actually embarrassed that there was a new sushi place in town that I hadn't heard about yet. She told me that the sushi was very good, but that it wasn't cheap. Coming from a self-proclaimed food lover, I would pay $30 for a roll if it tasted good. So as I was driving around today, I passed by there right as I was searching for the perfect place to have lunch. I had Kyler with me so I decided to make it a date. We walked in and it was very airy, light, and open. The owner, who was also waiting on most of the tables in the restaurant, greeted us and took us to our table. I ordered the Pork Gyoza and steamed rice for Kyler. For myself, I ordered the Green Monster roll and the Stone Henge roll. They brought everything out at different times, which usually annoys me, but I could tell that they were a little short staffed so I was understanding. The Pork Gyoza was pretty good, I had never ordered it anywhere but decided to step outside the box for a change. Kyler ate every single one of them, and he is becoming quite the picky eater. Then they brought out the Stone Henge roll, which is pictured above, it was VERY good, it reminded me of Sushi House. The Stone Henge consists of tempura shrimp, crab and cream cheese, all of which is tempura fried and topped with sweet sauce. I quickly polished that one off, then they brought out the Green Monster roll, OH-MY-GOODNESS I may have found a new favorite roll. The Green Monster, also shown above, is spicy tuna, avocado, tempura shrimp and cream cheese, wrapped in soy paper(my favorite), and topped with two delicious sauces. I wished they had brought out this one first, because by the time it arrived I was almost full, but that didn't matter, I shoveled it in, as it was so creamy and tasty. There were a lot of other rolls that I wanted to try, so suffice it to say I will be returning. A few of the others that sounded yummy were the Hot Mess roll(crab, cream cheese, lightly tempura fried, then topped with House Hot Mess mix, crispy wonton, sweet sauce and Ichimi pepper), the Logan Special(soft shell crab, tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, all wrapped in soy paper), and the Volcano roll(California roll topped with scallop, crawfish, crab, mushroom, then baked). The prices were comparable to somewhere between ITR and Fuji, with most rolls costing around $8, and the more expensive ones being around $11. Haruno is located at the southwest corner of 71st and Memorial, if you haven't been yet, GO.

Shammy Says "Worth your time and money"

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