Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for AWESOME

Langostino's drenched in spicy sauce? YES  PLEASE!
I googled Yokozuna to find out the meaning of the word in hopes of coming up with a pithy title to this post and well, it translates as "the highest ranking in sumo wrestling". I guess I can at least correlate the ranking to the taste and quality of the food at Yokozuna. I had many recommendations for this place and so I knew it had to be decent. The atmosphere was modern and airy even though the place was packed. We did not have to wait long to be seated, which was good because I was salivating as soon as we walked in the door. I ALWAYS google menu's before dining at a restaurant, so I know what I am ordering before I sit down, and Yokozuna was no exception. I had scoped out their menu and spotted 3 or 4 rolls that I wanted to try, one in particular titled "The Dilly", which is cream cheese, tempura shrimp and asparagus, topped with salmon, avocado, lemon zest and lemon dill aioli. I had intended on ordering this one and the Flaming Volcano, which is the one pictured above covered in spicy sauce. My friend and I both had people who adamantly told us to order the Red Cross roll which isn't on the menu, and for every one ordered in the month of March, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Relief Fund, which I thought was awesome so we ordered that(also pictured above) and the Flaming Volcano. The Dilly will have to wait until next time. The waitress brought out our order and the Flaming Volcano was served on a plate that was on fire, which I thought was a very nice touch. Now pay close attention, the spicy sauce at ITR is my absolute favorite sauce and so far NOBODY has been able to duplicate it, until now. That's right Katie Griffith, the spicy sauce at Yokozuna was identical to the spicy sauce at ITR. The Flaming Volcano tasted similar to the Volcano roll from ITR, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The difference is that this roll was topped with tender langostino's drenched in spicy sauce--absolutely phenomenal. The Red Cross roll was equally delicious, it was a cold roll so it complimented the Flaming Volcano very well. I am not sure what all was in the Red Cross, but I'm fairly certain it had crab and avocado, and was topped with salmon and a dollop of spicy sauce. Bottom line, Yokozuna pleased my palate and left me wanting so much more. I will be returning very soon and I have decided to post "blog updates" which will be for places that I visit and enjoy enough to go back to try additional menu items. They are priced similar to ITR, being a tad on the cheaper side but well worth every penny. Yokozuna is located downtown at 309 E. 2nd St. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm--which is RARE for a sushi place to be open all day without closing down for prep--and Friday from 11:00am to Midnight and Saturday from 5:00pm to Midnight. Last but not least, they also have a sushi happy hour that features certain rolls at half price on Mon-Thur between 3-6pm and Fri and Sat from 10pm-Midnight. How cool is that?

Shammy Says Grrrrrrrrreat!!

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