Friday, April 15, 2011


The OSU roll is the bottom roll topped with spicy tuna
I knew that would get your attention! Now, whether you are a Sooner or a Poke, everyone will appreciate the OSU roll at Haruno. The OSU roll has spicy scallops, avocado and cucumber, topped with spicy tuna--and of course I added cream cheese. I was excited to try a different roll and just like every other one that I have tried it was beyond tasty, Josh even said this was his favorite roll yet. If anyone is wondering what the other roll is, it is the Shrimp Festival, just another work of magic from Haruno. I will say that they are very unorganized, averaging 15-20 minutes to receive my food each time I visit, but I love their sushi so much that I let it slide. 

Shammy Says "Always satisfying"

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