Friday, April 1, 2011

Let them eat CAKE!!

A replica of the armadillo cake from "Steel Magnolias"

Hello Kitty

Let me start by saying that I am not one of those people who crave cake--or any sweet for that matter, but if a cake is good, I am all over it. My cake of choice, when I do indulge, is chocolate. I have had many different types of cake before and I believe it is difficult to find one that is creamy, yet not mushy; light, but not dry; and tasty, but not sugary. I was lucky enough to try a cake from "Cakes by Miki" the other day, who is based out of Dallas, and she nailed every single ingredient, down to the fondant (which I usually despise). It was homeade strawberry cake with homeade chocolate icing and it melted in my mouth. It was very creamy, yet not overwhelming with sweetness. Let me also add that my sister had brought me a piece home from Dallas so this was after it had been in a car for a day, and it was STILL that good. My sister informed me that everyone at the party also raved about, not only the taste, but the elegant design. She  described it more as a work of art than a cake, and it was definitely more than just a cake. Miki Rose is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Grace, who just turned 2. Miki began making these fabulous cakes in January of 2010 when she created her very first one for Grace's first birthday. She has taught herself everything about making cakes and would love to own her own cake shop in the next few years. Each cake that is ordered is giving her the experience she needs to fulfill her dream. If you have seen any of her cakes, you will see that she has a very different technique than culinary students, she relies solemnly on her artistic abilities and her female intuition. I am going to pick a few of my personal favorites from her Facebook page and post them below, and if anyone is wondering about pricing they are usually around $4 per slice, but the price can change depending on how much detail the customer wants. I personally don't care what it costs when it tastes as good as it looks. Emily has already pre-ordered a cake for her birthday and shockingly, she chose a Harry Potter design. Miki is planning on coming to Tulsa in April sometime so if anyone would like to meet the woman behind the cakes you will have your chance!

Shammy Says CAKE-TASTIC!!

Click HERE to see "Cakes by Miki"

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