Friday, April 1, 2011

In a class all their own...

So good I had to order 20
If you are like every other person on the planet, you enjoy a warm donut and a piping hot sausage roll every now and then. Well, if you are wanting to know THE place to go for the best sausage rolls and donuts, it is in Glenpool at Daylight Donuts just north of 141 St. My friend Katie introduced me to them in high school and I have been going there ever since. We asked them what set their sausage rolls apart from all the others, and their reply was that they make their own dough and fry them fresh daily. No other sausage roll cuts the mustard quite like these, no pun intended. Unlike most sausage rolls that have small bits of hardened cheese inside the sausage, Glenpool uses much more cheese, and it’s melted in between the sausage and the dough, need I say more?? If you're wondering about their donuts, they are held to the same delicious standard. My husband always makes fun of me for driving 20 miles for them, when I can go right up the corner, but I will go where the flavor is. Their hours of operation are M-F from 3am-11am and on Saturdays from 3am-12pm. You’re welcome.

Shammy Says “Glenpool is the messiah of sausage rolls”

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